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I hate to say it but I will, I started my career in SEO Link Building, and we did it so effectively that we outranked our competitors with ease. As a matter of fact, we received all of our venture funding early on in the company I worked for, mainly because of our SEO. Once we were even called out by Matt Cutts, calling our pre-sale pages, as we called them, creative. As an old work associate and I laughed about a few days ago, we were the best link monkeys on the planet back in those days. We really set the strategies for future link building.
    So I guess now that I’ve totally bored you with my early SEO expertise, let’s just hit on the topic of link building. Being a LinkedIn junky I am always surprised at how this topic continues to come and go and elevate to such magnitude it registers a 12 on the Richter Scale. Wait, is there even a 12? Well, think you get the point. Any SEO who has been in the business long enough to know who Matt Cutts is besides reading some Google history knows the importance of links and I am sure has done some personal relevance testing on their value, real life, not some anecdotal readings, but actual, build links and test pages for rankings.
      Some popular link building methods may not be as effective as contextual links but the average marketing person or website owner can do with a simple email request or possibly spending limited resources like press releases. Backlink Types
      • Local Citations
        • Business Directories, Chamber, Angles List
      • Business Profiles
        • LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp, Google
      • Vendor Links
        •  Anyone you do business with can provide a link back
      • Sponsorships
        • Local Sports, Colleges, Events
      • Press Releases
        •  PR News Wire, PR WEB, SBWire
      • Post Comments
        • Blogs, Forums, Social, Wherever you can embed a link
      My main point about this article is that links still motivate the search engines to rank you better. Layman’s terms links equate to rankings. The problem is as referenced by John Muller from Google, How Do Google Link Algorithms Work, is time they are discovered, and then possibly are they counted over the long term. Another words just because you add a link doesn’t mean Google will continue creating it for any authority especially they discover it is a bought or another way, not a natural link back.   So are links still hot in Google’s eyes? Find the answer by emailing me and let’s talk about link building and search engine rankings.  
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