After your Website has been built, who will handle the maintenance? Unfortunately things go wrong and things need to be fixed.  Whether you’re too busy or don’t want to bother with updating and improving your site, there is a solution. We offer website maintenance services that can be used for your business website, eCommerce website and/or Content Management System (CMS).

At DigiScream Consulting, we offer a wide range of solutions that will make website maintenance a simple task that doesn’t require you to lift a finger. Simple things become headaches if you don’t know where to look or what to do. At DigiScream we have seen just about every kind of challenge when it comes to managing your website. Listed below are just a few area’s we can manage for you, and make having that website not so frustrating.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Design Updates
  • Content posting
  • Traffic/SEO Management
  • Finding and fixing bugs in coding
  • Hosting Issues
  • HTTPS Migrations
  • Website or Domain Moves
  • Web Accessibility

With DigiScream, you won’t have to worry about website malfunctions that chase away valued visitors.

Adding Features and Website Design Changes

One reason why our clients use our website maintenance package is for adding new features to their Website, such as a shopping cart, payment terminal or blog. We can also assist with redesigning your site for the purpose of re-branding, creating a more professional look or creating a design with more personality.

Content Creation and Management

A website shouldn’t be left sitting there stagnant. Static websites don’t generate traffic as well as dynamic ones. In order to stay up-to-date with your content, you’ll need to post regularly. Business owners rarely have the time for this. We can take care of the creation and posting of content for you.

Contact DigiScream Consulting today to see how we can help provide ultimate maintenance services for your website.

Building More Incoming Traffic

Search engine optimization is a key component of our website maintenance service. If your site isn’t getting enough visitors, we will implement a strategic plan into the content we post for you. We use Web analytics tools that provide us with the information we need to determine which areas of your site are performing poorly, so that we can know where to attack. Knowing what’s wrong is the key to fixing any problem. Our industry knowledge and tools has had great success in determining which solutions to use for optimum results.

Web Accessibility

The web offers many opportunities to people with disabilities that are unavailable through any other medium. It offers independence and freedom. However, if a web site is not created with web accessibility in mind, it may exclude a segment of the population that stands to gain the most from the internet. Most people do not intend to exclude people with disabilities. As organizations and designers become aware of and implement accessibility, they will ensure that their content can be accessed by a broader population.

Website Maintenance

We offer website build, design, and hosting / website maintenance services that can be used for your business website, eCommerce website and/or Content Management System (CMS).

Website Design

Having a Website built for your business is the best way to present your company to the world online. There’s no cookie-cutter Website, so we can design and build around your needs and specifications.

CMS Website Development

If you don’t already have a CMS or haven’t started planning to use one, then it’s a good time you start, especially if you are interested in posting content regularly.

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