Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimization and the most miss-understood strategy in the overall tactical toolbox of SEO. Link building is the process of having a website or many websites link back to you to gain domain authority, trust, and a favorable status with search engines. Think of links as an endorsement to your website from another website in it’s simplest form. This process happened naturally in the beginning and websites who created a useful resource were linked to as a useful resource for their readers.

Link building has various stages, can still happen naturally but is more likely sought after in a way of sharing your information with relevant resources. The key components to link building are anchor text, either branded or non-branded and relevant landing page to link to known as the destination page.

Having inbound links to your website tells search engines that your content is relevant and liked. However, link building has been abused by black-hat SEO “experts” so this has made them less favorable to the search engines and are subject to disqualification. This includes methods like adding links on forums, blogs and websites that have no relevance to the website that is being linked to. Search engines like Google and Bing have caught on and are penalizing websites that practice this. The Link Building service we offer at DigiScream Consulting abides by search engines’ rules and bring in optimum results.

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We offer white-hat link building, which means we manually build your inbound links every month. This requires a strategy that consists of scouring the Web for relevant websites. Our link building experts focus on quality websites that are ranked well and receive good traffic. With quality links, you can boost your ranking on search engines without penalty. We define quality links as being ones that are posted:

  • On relevant websites and forums
  • Within quality written, relevant blog posts
  • On social media networks by real people

With our link building service, you can ensure that you’ll get lots of quality links to your website, allowing you to bring in organic traffic from link-clicks and from higher rankings on search engines. Give us a call today to build links for your website the right way.

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SEO Technical Site Audit

There are several triggers that search engines use to evaluate and determine the ranking of a website Taking a look at these factors will tell our experts exactly what search engines are seeing and what needs to be done to improve your current rankings in the SERP’s.

Link Building

Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimization. Having inbound links to your website tells search engines that your content is relevant and liked, much like an endorsements. Understanding what type quality the links are can help your rankings.

Website Content Creation

The content of your website should be engaging enough to get visitors interested enough to stick around and take a look at the rest of your site. Your main content pages should written in a way that will engage first-time visitors to convert or share.

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