When visitors come to your website,  are they engaged? If your content doesn’t explain who you are, what you offer and have a call to action, you’ll see a lag in conversion rates. The content on your homepage should be engaging enough to get visitors interested enough to stick around and take a look at the rest of your site. However, you have to consider that not all website copy will point to the user to convert or click to another page, they may bounce. Which means you need to make sure that all of your main content pages are written in a way that will engage first-time visitors and lead them to the next step of whatever you’re trying to make them do.

Creating a Content Strategy: Your content is what brings in traffic and keeps them there, and if written well enough, and your product or service pertains to the visitor, it will lead to more conversions. The first step of any strategy is to develop a plan around the goal of your company, which is either to make people buy, subscribe, interact or call your business. At DigiScream Consulting, we will develop a content creation strategy that consists of:

  • Engaging content that uses the voice of your business
  • Calls to action to convert visitors into leads and leads into sales
  • White-hat search engine optimization for increased inbound traffic
We Have Content Writing Experts With Diverse Industry Experience

The goal of our content is to promote action and customer loyalty. When people find your website on search engines or click on an inbound link to your site, the bounce rate should be minimized. In order to do that, your content has to be written in a way that will speak to the right audience. Content is a form of marketing, so careful planning around the language and style that is used is ideal. Our experts will research your audience, so that the content suits the prospects you’re looking to attract.

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Getting content right

Content is the heart of the digital experience – whether that’s a website, a display ad, a social media post or an email marketing campaign. It’s how your brand talks to customers and how they learn about your products and services. It connects your business with this audience and nurtures them to the sale – before finally closing the deal and retaining them for another. Content can be informational, funny, inspiring or persuasive. But most importantly, it needs to align with your business goals and digital strategy.

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Engaging content that uses the voice of your business

Calls to action to convert visitors into leads and leads into sales

White-hat search engine optimization for increased inbound traffic


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