404 Error Codes

What is a 404 error

A 404 error means that when a search engine attempted to display a page nothing was returned by the server. Sites can encounter 404 errors in a variety of ways. A page that used to exist was removed but it is still listed in the Sitemap, one of the webpages on the site links to the removed page, or there is a typo in the link that points it to a page that has never existed before.Google does not like links or embedded content that produces 404 errors or otherwise can’t be accessed by the crawler.Most search engines assume a 404 error means the page is either outdated or not updated properly, and are signals to Google that the site might not be the highest quality.You should try to avoid having content that leads to a dead or unresponsive page.If you have embedded content, all of that content should be live and readable by search engines.

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SEO Technical Site Audit

There are several triggers that search engines use to evaluate and determine the ranking of a website Taking a look at these factors will tell our experts exactly what search engines are seeing and what needs to be done to improve your current rankings in the SERP's.

Link Building

Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimization. Having inbound links to your website tells search engines that your content is relevant and liked, much like an endorsements. Understanding what type quality the links are can help your rankings.

Website Content Creation

The content of your website should be engaging enough to get visitors interested enough to stick around and take a look at the rest of your site. Your main content pages should written in a way that will engage first-time visitors to convert or share.