Why Should You Outsource to Our Marketing Automation Agency?

Digiscream’s expertise in marketing technologies — combined with leveraging marketing automation to amplify customer acquisition, CRM and retention — makes us the right marketing automation agency to reach your goals.

Our team of professional marketing automation consultants can create a custom strategy that is tailored according to your needs. Whether you’re just getting started with marketing automation or looking to outsource marketing automation work to take your existing campaigns to the next level, you need Digiscream – the best marketing automation agency by your side.

Marketing Automation module-by-module

Unlike inbound marketing, a modular approach is preferred in marketing automation

Marketing Automation Platforms We Work With

4 Marketing Automation Tips

Time Nurturing Unqualified Leads

Most marketing resources are spent nurturing the leads they have earned. If those leads are poorly qualified, then the team will waste a lot of effort engaging with them. Using different marketing automation tools enables you to segment your leads appropriately and make sure they are highly qualified.


Improving Customer Retention

Depending on your industry, the cost of acquiring new customers is extremely higher than the cost of retaining existing customers. Also, existing customers spend nearly 70% more than new customers. Marketing automation boosts your ROI by helping you improve customer retention efficiencies.

Managing Multiple Clients

Most marketing automation tools make it easier to manage multiple clients. You can segregate clients into separate groups in your dashboard. Beyond that, you can serve multiple clients at once based on similarities you’ve tracked across your different groups. 

Automate the Entire Funnel

When used in isolation, any marketing automation tool can improve productivity. HubSpot can help brands optimize their email marketing funnels, while Hootsuite or Buffer can streamline social media content management as well as Workforce management tools such as Outlook. 

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