Marketing Automation? Stop Googling and Focus on Your Goals

Marketing automation is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays and has become quite the Buzz Word in the Marketing Space. More and more businesses that are looking to add a performance marketing channel are incorporating online marketing automation platforms. And this does not only go for big companies with large marketing departments. Even mid-market companies […]

Top 7 Gains of Email Marketing for Small Companies

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to potential or existing customers through emails. Here, all the tools of email are used to convey advertising mails. Email marketing for small businesses can be useful in finding new clients, increasing sales and forming a community of loyal customers. It’s now been 48 years since […]

Why Consider a Website Redesign: Guidelines and Recommendations

The truth is; website redesign takes a complete overhaul of your website. If you are firmly convinced that your site is a turn-off to your customers, with its dated functionalities, then you can take this route. But be ready to invest more money, time, and effort into the exercise. It will be a back and […]

How to Repair a Slow Website and Develop Your SEO

Website speed matters! And that’s why a quick-loading site performs way better than a slow website when you look at it across various marketing metrics. Think of conversions, site engagement, lead generation, and organic search results. Their success depends on site speed. A slow website means visitors will take off because they do not have […]

What You Need to Know About Content Marketing and Business

Content marketing in business is a tactical marketing method aimed at generating and dispensing valuable content. The main intention is to draw attention and create leads. Primarily, content marketing targets other businesses, bulk buyers, and individuals. Content that target individuals are known as b2c (business to customer). The practice covers the best procedures used to […]

How to Create Sustainable Backlinks – 7 Link Building Campaigns

If you’ve not been putting more effort towards link building through backlinks, listen up! Backlinks will take you to the high table (top search engines result pages) while rich content reserves you a seat (conversions). Bots or search engines use some link analysis in establishing search results. And this means that search engine algorithms favor […]

Why Should You Hire a Marketing Company

Hiring a marketing company is an area that many company owners tend to ignore, yet it is the heart of any successful business. Think of website designing, site videos, television advertisements, social media marketing, and so on; a marketing firm helps you build your brand in the most efficient way possible. Some common concerns that […]